Wednesday, February 15, 2012

2-15 Post-Vday. Mr Awesome-Pants. AKA Brian.

Mr. Awesome-Pants made our 1st Valentine’s Day super special!

Came home… I love how he waits for me at the door and opens it for me! I get to hug him and kiss him IMMEDIATELY! IT IS AWESOME!!!!

I am not good at waiting to give presents. I wasn’t sure if he wanted to exchange after dinner, so I gave him card #1 right away!!! I LOVE THIS MAN!!!

We ended up exchanging before showering anyways…

He loved the gift certificate for !!! YEAH!!! And, I got us tickets for the Providence Bruins game on March 3. Row 105, GG, Seats 1 and 2.

I got a new pair of earrings with a matching necklace. They are from one of my most favorite stores in Mystic Village. I have included 4 separate articles including their facebook page for you to learn about this awesome-ness this woman creates from tagua, a palm tree that grows in the forests of South America. SO AMAZING. SO BEAUTIFUL.

I will post a picture later. I did not take one last night. I am wearing them today though!! Maybe I can get a self-port later during lunch time. =]

In addition to this beautiful jewelry, he gave me some chocolate from Munson’s. I got a few chocolate covered Oreos and a penut-shaped chocolate covered deliciousness with a peanut-shaped deliciousness on top for decoration. LOOKS SO GOOD.

Please let me know if those links don’t work.. =] Although you could Google it yourself, I suppose. ;)

Showered and got dressed. It felt good to dress up for Brian. I wore a red cocktail halter dress I borrowed from Emily but have not returned yet. It is a little big around my chest. I will have to find a way to alter that non-permanently for the dinner-dance next month.

We had dinner at Go Fish in Mystic.. One of our favorite places!

We both had the yellowtail tuna. He had his rare, I had mine medium-rare. I should have gone with rare though… OH well! It was still delicious! It was topped with a pico de gallo. YUM. And served on top of some kale. YUM!
It was the perfect amount of food for me..

For dessert, I folded some black pepper into raspberry sorbet, scooped it into a champagne flute and poured Prosecco over it…

Another magical evening with Mr. Awesome-Pants. I am seriously a lucky woman and couldn’t ask for more!

Thanks for listening to me talk about an amazing Valentine’s Day… LOL

On Monday, Katie and I celebrated a pre-Valentine’s Day with pizza from Pizzetta in Mystic, wine from Cupcake, and Serendipity (the movie with John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale!) and chocolate cupcakes for dessert! =]

It was AWESOME!! We decided we are going to do this every year… the day before Valentine’s Day, have a night in and watch a movie.. That way, no matter what the next day brings, we still had an amazing Valentine’s Day!

I love the idea, Katie!! YOU’RE A BRILLIANT WOMAN, DARLING!

I am on Cloud 9 today. I am loving my life and everyone in it. Now to get to Bible Study tonight………

And clean my apartment…. It is desperate need of organization and serious cleaning….

Today’s photograph of the day is : PHONE.


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

2-14 Valentine's Day. Heart.

Today started out like any other day. Alarm clock. Floss, brush with Peelum, brush with baking soda. Rinse with Peroxide. Rinse with Listerine. Wash face. Get dressed. Fix hair. Make coffee. Leave house.

I had a very nice surprise this morning at work though! Brian sent me flowers!! Roses, Carnations, and baby's breath! They are beautiful!!!

I have been stopping to smell them all day. They make me smile, they make me feel elated and simply happy.

Today's photograph of the day is: heart. I will have to come back later for that one.

Monday, February 13, 2012

2-13 Blue

Life in general has been so busy and complicated I forgot about my photography. One a day.

Today is blue. And I painted my nails tonight blue. Coincidence. Yes. It is true. I don't care if you believe me.

Valentines Day 2-13

The last couple weeks have been pretty crazy busy.
Friday couldn’t have come any sooner! Was back at work, doing the normal stuff. And I got to have a normal weekend with Brian. =]

Saturday was a little bit more difficult to get through than usual.

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I was full of anxiety and turmoil. I think Valentine’s Day is a ridiculous holiday. It forces men into thinking they ‘have to’ buy us flowers, take us out to dinner and buy us something special.

I hate it! And then we (women) often wonder how genuine is this? I have never had a great Valentine’s Day. The last couple years, I’ve dated guys who straight up told me they hate “having” to send me flowers. They hate “having” to buy me something. Just annoying!

And of course, Brian did it too… He doesn’t even really seem like he wants to do anything?
Maybe I’m being a crazy hormonal lady over here. LOL (PMS, anyone?)

Saturday, we went into Newport (really, Middletown) to have lunch around 230/3ish. It was ok. I said to myself that I can handle being in Newport and Middletown. I wasn’t really sure I could handle going through Portsmouth. But, he drove us through Portsmouth. UGH! WTF?! I thought maybe he was doing this on purpose to drive me mad! I wasn’t sure!

We stopped for gas at the Cumberland Farm right across from DeCastro Produce. UGH.
Of course we did. Happy they are closed until Spring. I didn’t have to see the cars and trucks. I didn’t have to worry I would literally run into him. Thankfully.

We went to The Green Grocer, kind of like a Whole Foods. I got some new Lavender Coconut lotion and some Lavender massage oil. I used the massage oil in my hair on Sunday before I showered. It worked really well!!! YEAH!! No frizz, no dandruff!!!

And then we kept going. And going. And we were on 24 on our way home. Driving past Tiverton. I finally just told him it was a little bit torturous. I told him that I co-adopted a dog who lives in Tiverton. He goes “wait, did you live in Portsmouth” And I told him, well, Tiverton, on the weekends. But his family lives in Portsmouth. And I told him that his family is the DeCastros. And that we got gas right next to the store. And I told him that the guy really crushed my heart. I told him that he became a completely different person than who I met.

And then the topic changed, as it should have.

Before I knew it, we were at the Warwick mall, at Macys. And I didn’t want to go inside. In fact, I asked if I could wait in the car. And I meant it. Fully.

I hated driving through Portsmouth. I hated having that crap pushed at me. I try really hard to forget it all. I try really hard not to miss Mowgli Bear. I think about him all the time… I wonder if he would recognize me if we did run into each other? Would he know me? Would he want to snuggle me? Would he love me still? I miss my baby bear with so much in my heart, it hurts some times. I don’t miss Steve. I miss his family. His parents were wonderful. And I really loved his sister.

So, I went inside with Brian. He told me we were there for me, to try on some dresses.
I first started at the Women’s section. I tried on a 4. Was too big (duh)…

Went to the Juniors and tried on a few. Brian found a really pretty silver/blue color that was AWESOME! It made my boobs look amazing and even my tiny butt! LOL!!!
It was a 3/4. And then I realized it had a zillion snags on it, like it was hung up next to something with sparklies and it got caught…. =[

So I didn’t buy it.

He kept telling me wanted to buy me a dress. Or a food processor. I didn’t let him buy me either. I chose “neither”

I felt a little bummed about our drive, and just wanted to go home.

Yesterday was a lot better. I got to visit with my dad and stepmom. I really missed him!!!! =]

And then we ate at a new Mexican place in Waterford that uses grass fed beef (etc) YUMMMM

And we saw Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. Very sad. Very. Very. Sad. But so good. SOOO GOOD. I definitely cried. I probably should have brought tissues. Oh well. ;)

Ok, Valentine’s Date with Katie tonight. =]


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Closing Times.....

And so the week comes to a close. Goodbyes to be said, Tears to be shed. Wishes to be made and dreams to be dreamt.

I am tired. So much more stress and anxiety than I am used to. But, well worth it all in the end.

Tonight, a stay over in NYC. Tomorrow, home again and real life. Work. Brian. Bills. Cleaning house laundry.

I had more fun with Kathe than I thought I would. She really is a great young woman. And I am very happy to have spent the week with Onkel Martin too!

My back is a little sore and my heart feels heavy and tired.

After the kinesiology yesterday with Holly, I thought I'd be feeling much more emotional and heavy-hearted than I do now.

It is 10:30ish as I write this to you.

We are getting ready for bed.

Was a long day. A long week. I will have to write more tomorrow on the train ride home.

We saw the Statue of Liberty today! And the ferry went past Ellis Island. We didn't visit Ellis Island, but that's OK. :D

And then we saw the World Trade Center Memorial. I called my Dad while I was there to say hallo. I miss him when I am away from home!

And then we made our way back to the hotel to relax and get ourselves ready for some dinner.

We had dinner at an Irish Pub. I had corned beef and cabbage. Martin had skirt steak with fries. Kathe had a Caesar salad. Lol.

My fingernails are dirty. I washed my hands. I cleaned underneath my nails and they still feel dirty. Oh well, I guess.

Tomorrow, home. And a sleepover date with Brian. I got him a little something while at Statue of Liberty. I am hoping I have enough time to go to "our bakery" by Rockefeller Center and get him a cookie or something! I may not. I may cheat and get something at Grand Central! Hahaha..

I would very much like to bring him something though.

We are all very tired over here. Long day. Long week! I hope Dave is t mad that I took three days off this week.

Oh well. Goodnight.


Friday, February 3, 2012

I talked with a stewardess. I asked too many questions, I'm sure. But if I am not married and with no prospects in sight at 30, THAT is what I want to do.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Feb 2 - WoRdS

Today's photography day is WORDS.


I woke up this morning wondering WTF am I going to photograph for this. And all I could think of is NYC's LOVE statue.

But I can't be in NYC today.

At my desk, the question was still making its way through my tunnel.

What are the rules, though? Are there any rules? How can I tie this into February? Into Groundhogs Day? Into 6 more weeks of winter?

I decided to listen to some music. My iPod case is clear, but the skin is the iconic 'The Beatles' from Ringo's drum

So I took a picture of that. And then I realized words are everywhere. How can I possible take a picture of everything?

What about the 70's 'NO SMOKING' brown and white sign in the lobby?

What about the notes I am diligently creating for this cable drawing?

The signs on the bathrooms.
The signs reminding us about our time cards.
The signs on everyone's cube with their name and position title.

Words are everywhere. EVERYWHERE.

I do not feel pressured to take pictures of everything. I just want to do this correctly. Because I have this "thing" where I have to accomplish goals set out before me accurately.

I got a very nice message on my Facebook from Tante Karin thanking me for a beautiful picture.
She wrote this in German though, so I had to go on Google's translator.

Then I wrote back to her in English and realized I am a dummy for doing that. So, I went back to the translator and wrote back in German. :D

More words. In different languages. And tomorrow I am greeting Kathe and Onkel Martin with GUTEN TAG! Because that's all I know.

And look at all the words I have already written just about taking pictures of words.

Words. Language. Expression. Acclamations.


I took a Linguistics course at Eastern the summer of 2008. It was HARD but I loved it nonetheless. I loved learning about structure, etc... Lots of words. Nouns. Subjects. Adjectives. Adverb.


I am waiting slightly anxiously for the day to be over. An hour and a half left of work time.

Then date with Brian. I am making a pot roast. RIGHT NOW! In my awesome crock pot. :)

I am looking forward to cooking HIM dinner for a change. I already have the table set. Dishes are done except for two pans. I wanted them to soak up a little bit first....



Love em or hate em. Use them wisely because it is way too hard to forget something someone has said. and once you've said it, you can't take it back. And don't forget to be loving with the words you choose to use.

Bring joy and happiness to someone.

And do all of that with all of your heart.

Think before you speak.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Feb 1

Driving home from work. Sun was a burning red-orange. Earth was so close to the sun, it was huge on the horizon. Magnificently beautiful. Just so awesome.

1st day of February and it was a high of 60. We are having such beautiful in-seasonally warm weather. I am LOVING this....

Tomorrow is Thursday. Date night for me and Brian. I am making a pot roast in the crock pot. I put it in before work and it cooks for the next 10+ hours. :)

I came home around 730. Dishes, clean kitchen, clean bathroom, get water in the humidifier, put clothes away, clothes together for tomorrow and Friday. And get the Brussels sprouts washed and cut up to be cooked tomorrow. And pay some bills. And charge the Nook.


Friday is going to be AWESOME! I am picking up my Uncle Martin and cousin Kathe from JFK!!! They arrive at 1:20. I already can't wait!!!!

I picked out what I am going to wear and put it on her FB wall do she can see. LOL! And I made a sign that I am going to hold!!! Aaaaahhhhhh.....

I haven't met Kathe. She is only 17. We moved here about 20 years ago.

Haven't seen my uncle in 20 years. I don't even know what he looks like!

I suggested to Kathe that they bring some pictures for my mom of Oma and Opa and such from their childhood. I thought this might help with the transition and shock factor of them showing up.

I hope it works and she doesn't blow up and freak out. THAT I can see happening. Yikes.


I hope work tomorrow goes smooth and without too many major speed bumps. I am getting excited for this weekend.

I would like to be back on Sunday to do Super Bowl with Brian. Maybe spend some time with my Dad. Not sure if Brian has any plans or anywhere he wants to go. Will have to ask him tomorrow. :)


I am pretty tired. Going to read and then bedtime.


Monday, January 30, 2012

Thanks a lot SAG Red Carpet

Brian and I have a formal dinner and dance to go to in March for breast cancer awareness….
So, I have been on the hunt for a new dress (so much more fun to wear a *new* dress)……

Anyways… Of course, I watched some of the SAG red carpet last night… And I FELL IN LOVE with Kathy Byrne’s jumper!!

Friday, January 20, 2012


"But they that wait upon the Lord
Shall renew their strength;
They shall mount up with wings as eagles;
They shall run, and not be weary;
and they shall walk, and not faint."Isaiah 40:31

Love Love Love. All you need is love

6:30 am and I am at work.
The things we do for love.

The cabbage came out amazing. Was delicious. I am having some for breakfast!

I'm feeling pretty tired.

Oh yeah, hello Aunt Scarlet. Thanks for ruining my sleep over with Brian.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Magical Thursdays...

Happy 8 months to Brian and I. Big whoop…. :D

Tonight is date night, and I’m feeling pretty excited.
I have too much fun looking forward to date nights. We spend weekends together, so it’s fun to meet up during the week for a date.

This one is still different, cuz we’re weird like that…

I have a massage/reflexology/ ear candle appointment at 530. I should be done by 7, at his house around 730.

Menu is stuffed cabbage and broccoli. I followed a recipe, except for the enchilada sauce. Since the cabbage rolls would be sitting for about 24 hours before consumption, I didn’t want them to be ruined and soggy from the sauce…

The original plan was for Brian to come to my house for dinner (rare occasion), but since he is driving home after work, I felt bad having him drive to my house.. My gears were rolling, ticking and coming together to form a plan to make his life easier. That’s what I do… I make everyone’s life easier. And usually, my own more complicated. I love stress!

So, I offered to meet him at my house before my appointment and he can hang out there before I get home, but that’s such a loooooong time waiting for someone at their own house….. Doing what? Watching Netflix? Reading COSMO? He would do the dishes. And vacuum. And wash my kitchen floor. And then I would feel guilty that I didn’t do those things myself so he COULDN’T… He already does my laundry. He is sneaky sometimes. I will be wondering where he is, what he is up to… I do not walk around the house looking for him. It is a small house, but how weird would it be to walk in a room and he is changing and just wanted some privacy? Sometimes I know he is in the basement, but he is so freaking quiet when he is down there, I don’t know what he’s doing. He could be cleaning the litter box for all I know. That is something I don’t necessarily want to help him do… Even if I went down and he is putting clothes in the washer, how many people do you need for THAT? hahaha


Concluded that I would go to his house. Bring dinner with me. And we will figure out a way to heat it up on the stove top, since his oven doesn’t work. That was at about 1030 last night. When we made a decision, I went to the kitchen and put the cabbage rolls in the oven for their 20 mins on 350 per directions on the recipe. So, I cooked them. Mostly because I don’t exactly want to be gassy tomorrow night…. I decided I am sleeping over. NOT sexy to be a smelly person.

While waiting for the cabbage, got some clothes and crap together for the trip to my mom’s for the weekend. This trip is why we are even having a mid-week date night. We wanted to get together before the weekend. Maybe I will get to see him again next week. ? =]

Taking a half day tomorrow.. Quick lunch with Tom since we didn’t get to do that for Christmas.
Then on the road to Mom’s! =]

I wanted to make my pumpkin cheesecake tonight to bring with me, but ohhhh well… I can make it there! =] Also want to make german apple pancakes (they’re muffins, but Paleo-friendly) on Saturday with the kiddos (Gabe and Kenz)


Mom: DELICIOUS coffee..
Stepdad: DELICIOUS decaf coffee..
Mackenzie: iTunes gift card and a picture of ME WITH COOKIE MONSTER AND ELMO!

Emily, Dave and I don’t generally exchange. I like it that way… =]

We are supposed to get a dump-load of snow this weekend (Saturday night). That will suck driving in on Sunday, but whatev…
I am leaving around 130 tomorrow (hopefully) and should be there around 530-6.. Sunday, hoping to leave around the same time to get home early. I want to be driving while there is sun-light as much as possible so the roads aren’t as frozen. I am hoping this works out!!!! And maybe dinner with Brian on Sunday? Will pose this question tonight and see what he thinks. =]

Cannot wait for the massage. My upper body (shoulders/neck) are bothering me, and so is my lower back! WHAT GIVES ?!


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Boys, Boys, Boys

Listen to the Ke$ha song. Boots & Boys.
And Lady Gaga's Boys Boys Boys.

I swear, the grocery store is the best place to meet cute men! Just buy ingredients that are obvious of what the meal is going to be (taco shells and beef means tacos)... Stand in line... And let the cute guy in front of you flirt away about dinner tonight. And don't forget to mention you make the BEST tacos!! LOL!

Ok, not all of that happened to me just now in S&S. I bought beef and shells. And a slice of chocolate cake. And sparkling cider and a SMALL box of chocolates for Brian for tomorrow.

Tomorrow is the 8 month anniversary.

So, I am in line behind a guy buying his own dinner stuff. And he gets carded for the beer he bought. And he jokes about how that's flattering. And I laughed. Cuz it's funny. Cuz he is OBVI over 21. Anyhow.

And he said "tacos for dinner?" Can't say no. So I said yes, told him how it is my go-to when I need something quick. He is having a rotisserie chicken. His go-to when the schedule gets crazy. And spinach. A man who loves spinach?! LOL

Anyways. He saw my single slice of cake - seriously, what other woman but a single slice of chocolate cake? A single woman. Maybe a woman whose husband doesn't like chocolate? No ring on this chick's finger though.

He just blatantly asked if I wanted to do something sometime.

And I blurted that I am married. Married. Not that I am in a serious relationship and how much I LOVE my boyfriend. Not that the sparkling cider and chocolates are for Brian. I just said I am married, but thanks.

And that was the end. My side dialogue makes it seem longer than it was. It wasn't very long. He flattered me. Always flatters me when I am flirted with. Feels so good!

I am ready to go home and eat some tacos. And get dinner ready for tomorrow... Cabbage Rolls. Stuffed cabbage. I have massage at 530, but told Brian I will be home around 7/730 if he wants to have dinner. They only take 20 mins to bake, so I want to have them ready for tomorrow night. Nice and easy! :D



Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Evil Green Giant Surfaces Again

Everyone. Every. One. Everyone is having. Babies. Babies. Beautiful babies. Gifts from God Himself.

Mother effer.

I just love the smell of newborns, don't you?


Decide this morning I would see how many days I can go without coffee.

Then I went to Big Y and bought new coffee. So it lasted 12 hours.


BUT, this smells amazing....

Monday, January 16, 2012

Friggen snow. =(
My two last weeks in pictures....


I miss the Christmas tree.

Yoga With Katie

Goodbye Weekend.
Goodbye Monday.
Hello work.
Hello Tuesday.

Today was one of the longest days I have experienced since Middle School.... Since the all-night graduation party June 16-17, 2006.

Was up before 5. Rolled onto my side and listened to Brian get in the shower. Listened to the rain fall on his body. I absolutely love that sound. I love knowing hearing the bottle of his delicious smelling body wash make that ssspppphhhhh noise when the air is released. Yes, I squeeze that bottle when I shower to smell it. Yumm.
I listened to him brush his teeth. Rinse. Listerine. I love mornings with Brian.

And then he came into the bedroom and gently wake me. I LOVE THIS. I LOVE THIS!
He left and I just lay there while he did whatever he does in the kitchen/living room. He came back and let me know it was 5am. So I grudgingly rolled (literally) out of bed. At 5AM.

Jeremy showed up around 545 and I left for work. Stopped at Dunkin Donuts for some coffee and a muffin. And I stayed there for 45 minutes. Went to work around 630 and hang out for half an hour before wandering to my own desk. So, I worked from 7-5 today. 10 hours. Just 10. It really wasn't bad. The babysitter was out, so I had a slow day! :D It was productive! I was happy to have finished a lot of the model I am working on.

Tonight was my first experience with yoga. Katie has been going through some hard stuff, so I asked if we could hang out tonight. She suggested joining her in HOT YOGA!! It was definitely HOT!! But it felt soooooo good. My legs were shaky. Some poses were difficult for me, but it felt so AMAZING afterward!

And then Brian was drunk when he got home. These are the times I am soooo happy we are not living together! It makes me so uncomfortable when people are drunk. Anyways. I called him on my way home. All he said in his text that he was wasted.. UGH! I wasn't sure if he was home. That stuff makes me so worried.. Getting home safely part. But he was home safe, so I was definitely relieved.

I LOVED LOVED the hot yoga. I feel so great today. I woke up feeling good. A little groggy in the morning, but all in all, I felt pretty good! =] And the yoga felt soooo amazing. And now I am hungry. LOL I feel good since I stretched. I WANT TO GO RUNNING hahahahaha (Not really...)

I am feeling tired. BUT GOOD! I just want to lay down now. Maybe read... ?


And thank you for reading my blog... =]

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

1-11-12 pt2

Totally forgot that I also made chocolate covered strawberries for dessert for tomorrow.

I will need to stop in Groton on my way home to get some kind of sparkling wine to go with. :)