Thursday, January 19, 2012

Magical Thursdays...

Happy 8 months to Brian and I. Big whoop…. :D

Tonight is date night, and I’m feeling pretty excited.
I have too much fun looking forward to date nights. We spend weekends together, so it’s fun to meet up during the week for a date.

This one is still different, cuz we’re weird like that…

I have a massage/reflexology/ ear candle appointment at 530. I should be done by 7, at his house around 730.

Menu is stuffed cabbage and broccoli. I followed a recipe, except for the enchilada sauce. Since the cabbage rolls would be sitting for about 24 hours before consumption, I didn’t want them to be ruined and soggy from the sauce…

The original plan was for Brian to come to my house for dinner (rare occasion), but since he is driving home after work, I felt bad having him drive to my house.. My gears were rolling, ticking and coming together to form a plan to make his life easier. That’s what I do… I make everyone’s life easier. And usually, my own more complicated. I love stress!

So, I offered to meet him at my house before my appointment and he can hang out there before I get home, but that’s such a loooooong time waiting for someone at their own house….. Doing what? Watching Netflix? Reading COSMO? He would do the dishes. And vacuum. And wash my kitchen floor. And then I would feel guilty that I didn’t do those things myself so he COULDN’T… He already does my laundry. He is sneaky sometimes. I will be wondering where he is, what he is up to… I do not walk around the house looking for him. It is a small house, but how weird would it be to walk in a room and he is changing and just wanted some privacy? Sometimes I know he is in the basement, but he is so freaking quiet when he is down there, I don’t know what he’s doing. He could be cleaning the litter box for all I know. That is something I don’t necessarily want to help him do… Even if I went down and he is putting clothes in the washer, how many people do you need for THAT? hahaha


Concluded that I would go to his house. Bring dinner with me. And we will figure out a way to heat it up on the stove top, since his oven doesn’t work. That was at about 1030 last night. When we made a decision, I went to the kitchen and put the cabbage rolls in the oven for their 20 mins on 350 per directions on the recipe. So, I cooked them. Mostly because I don’t exactly want to be gassy tomorrow night…. I decided I am sleeping over. NOT sexy to be a smelly person.

While waiting for the cabbage, got some clothes and crap together for the trip to my mom’s for the weekend. This trip is why we are even having a mid-week date night. We wanted to get together before the weekend. Maybe I will get to see him again next week. ? =]

Taking a half day tomorrow.. Quick lunch with Tom since we didn’t get to do that for Christmas.
Then on the road to Mom’s! =]

I wanted to make my pumpkin cheesecake tonight to bring with me, but ohhhh well… I can make it there! =] Also want to make german apple pancakes (they’re muffins, but Paleo-friendly) on Saturday with the kiddos (Gabe and Kenz)


Mom: DELICIOUS coffee..
Stepdad: DELICIOUS decaf coffee..
Mackenzie: iTunes gift card and a picture of ME WITH COOKIE MONSTER AND ELMO!

Emily, Dave and I don’t generally exchange. I like it that way… =]

We are supposed to get a dump-load of snow this weekend (Saturday night). That will suck driving in on Sunday, but whatev…
I am leaving around 130 tomorrow (hopefully) and should be there around 530-6.. Sunday, hoping to leave around the same time to get home early. I want to be driving while there is sun-light as much as possible so the roads aren’t as frozen. I am hoping this works out!!!! And maybe dinner with Brian on Sunday? Will pose this question tonight and see what he thinks. =]

Cannot wait for the massage. My upper body (shoulders/neck) are bothering me, and so is my lower back! WHAT GIVES ?!


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