Wednesday, February 15, 2012

2-15 Post-Vday. Mr Awesome-Pants. AKA Brian.

Mr. Awesome-Pants made our 1st Valentine’s Day super special!

Came home… I love how he waits for me at the door and opens it for me! I get to hug him and kiss him IMMEDIATELY! IT IS AWESOME!!!!

I am not good at waiting to give presents. I wasn’t sure if he wanted to exchange after dinner, so I gave him card #1 right away!!! I LOVE THIS MAN!!!

We ended up exchanging before showering anyways…

He loved the gift certificate for !!! YEAH!!! And, I got us tickets for the Providence Bruins game on March 3. Row 105, GG, Seats 1 and 2.

I got a new pair of earrings with a matching necklace. They are from one of my most favorite stores in Mystic Village. I have included 4 separate articles including their facebook page for you to learn about this awesome-ness this woman creates from tagua, a palm tree that grows in the forests of South America. SO AMAZING. SO BEAUTIFUL.

I will post a picture later. I did not take one last night. I am wearing them today though!! Maybe I can get a self-port later during lunch time. =]

In addition to this beautiful jewelry, he gave me some chocolate from Munson’s. I got a few chocolate covered Oreos and a penut-shaped chocolate covered deliciousness with a peanut-shaped deliciousness on top for decoration. LOOKS SO GOOD.

Please let me know if those links don’t work.. =] Although you could Google it yourself, I suppose. ;)

Showered and got dressed. It felt good to dress up for Brian. I wore a red cocktail halter dress I borrowed from Emily but have not returned yet. It is a little big around my chest. I will have to find a way to alter that non-permanently for the dinner-dance next month.

We had dinner at Go Fish in Mystic.. One of our favorite places!

We both had the yellowtail tuna. He had his rare, I had mine medium-rare. I should have gone with rare though… OH well! It was still delicious! It was topped with a pico de gallo. YUM. And served on top of some kale. YUM!
It was the perfect amount of food for me..

For dessert, I folded some black pepper into raspberry sorbet, scooped it into a champagne flute and poured Prosecco over it…

Another magical evening with Mr. Awesome-Pants. I am seriously a lucky woman and couldn’t ask for more!

Thanks for listening to me talk about an amazing Valentine’s Day… LOL

On Monday, Katie and I celebrated a pre-Valentine’s Day with pizza from Pizzetta in Mystic, wine from Cupcake, and Serendipity (the movie with John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale!) and chocolate cupcakes for dessert! =]

It was AWESOME!! We decided we are going to do this every year… the day before Valentine’s Day, have a night in and watch a movie.. That way, no matter what the next day brings, we still had an amazing Valentine’s Day!

I love the idea, Katie!! YOU’RE A BRILLIANT WOMAN, DARLING!

I am on Cloud 9 today. I am loving my life and everyone in it. Now to get to Bible Study tonight………

And clean my apartment…. It is desperate need of organization and serious cleaning….

Today’s photograph of the day is : PHONE.


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