Thursday, February 2, 2012

Feb 2 - WoRdS

Today's photography day is WORDS.


I woke up this morning wondering WTF am I going to photograph for this. And all I could think of is NYC's LOVE statue.

But I can't be in NYC today.

At my desk, the question was still making its way through my tunnel.

What are the rules, though? Are there any rules? How can I tie this into February? Into Groundhogs Day? Into 6 more weeks of winter?

I decided to listen to some music. My iPod case is clear, but the skin is the iconic 'The Beatles' from Ringo's drum

So I took a picture of that. And then I realized words are everywhere. How can I possible take a picture of everything?

What about the 70's 'NO SMOKING' brown and white sign in the lobby?

What about the notes I am diligently creating for this cable drawing?

The signs on the bathrooms.
The signs reminding us about our time cards.
The signs on everyone's cube with their name and position title.

Words are everywhere. EVERYWHERE.

I do not feel pressured to take pictures of everything. I just want to do this correctly. Because I have this "thing" where I have to accomplish goals set out before me accurately.

I got a very nice message on my Facebook from Tante Karin thanking me for a beautiful picture.
She wrote this in German though, so I had to go on Google's translator.

Then I wrote back to her in English and realized I am a dummy for doing that. So, I went back to the translator and wrote back in German. :D

More words. In different languages. And tomorrow I am greeting Kathe and Onkel Martin with GUTEN TAG! Because that's all I know.

And look at all the words I have already written just about taking pictures of words.

Words. Language. Expression. Acclamations.


I took a Linguistics course at Eastern the summer of 2008. It was HARD but I loved it nonetheless. I loved learning about structure, etc... Lots of words. Nouns. Subjects. Adjectives. Adverb.


I am waiting slightly anxiously for the day to be over. An hour and a half left of work time.

Then date with Brian. I am making a pot roast. RIGHT NOW! In my awesome crock pot. :)

I am looking forward to cooking HIM dinner for a change. I already have the table set. Dishes are done except for two pans. I wanted them to soak up a little bit first....



Love em or hate em. Use them wisely because it is way too hard to forget something someone has said. and once you've said it, you can't take it back. And don't forget to be loving with the words you choose to use.

Bring joy and happiness to someone.

And do all of that with all of your heart.

Think before you speak.

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