Monday, January 16, 2012

Yoga With Katie

Goodbye Weekend.
Goodbye Monday.
Hello work.
Hello Tuesday.

Today was one of the longest days I have experienced since Middle School.... Since the all-night graduation party June 16-17, 2006.

Was up before 5. Rolled onto my side and listened to Brian get in the shower. Listened to the rain fall on his body. I absolutely love that sound. I love knowing hearing the bottle of his delicious smelling body wash make that ssspppphhhhh noise when the air is released. Yes, I squeeze that bottle when I shower to smell it. Yumm.
I listened to him brush his teeth. Rinse. Listerine. I love mornings with Brian.

And then he came into the bedroom and gently wake me. I LOVE THIS. I LOVE THIS!
He left and I just lay there while he did whatever he does in the kitchen/living room. He came back and let me know it was 5am. So I grudgingly rolled (literally) out of bed. At 5AM.

Jeremy showed up around 545 and I left for work. Stopped at Dunkin Donuts for some coffee and a muffin. And I stayed there for 45 minutes. Went to work around 630 and hang out for half an hour before wandering to my own desk. So, I worked from 7-5 today. 10 hours. Just 10. It really wasn't bad. The babysitter was out, so I had a slow day! :D It was productive! I was happy to have finished a lot of the model I am working on.

Tonight was my first experience with yoga. Katie has been going through some hard stuff, so I asked if we could hang out tonight. She suggested joining her in HOT YOGA!! It was definitely HOT!! But it felt soooooo good. My legs were shaky. Some poses were difficult for me, but it felt so AMAZING afterward!

And then Brian was drunk when he got home. These are the times I am soooo happy we are not living together! It makes me so uncomfortable when people are drunk. Anyways. I called him on my way home. All he said in his text that he was wasted.. UGH! I wasn't sure if he was home. That stuff makes me so worried.. Getting home safely part. But he was home safe, so I was definitely relieved.

I LOVED LOVED the hot yoga. I feel so great today. I woke up feeling good. A little groggy in the morning, but all in all, I felt pretty good! =] And the yoga felt soooo amazing. And now I am hungry. LOL I feel good since I stretched. I WANT TO GO RUNNING hahahahaha (Not really...)

I am feeling tired. BUT GOOD! I just want to lay down now. Maybe read... ?


And thank you for reading my blog... =]

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