Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Boys, Boys, Boys

Listen to the Ke$ha song. Boots & Boys.
And Lady Gaga's Boys Boys Boys.

I swear, the grocery store is the best place to meet cute men! Just buy ingredients that are obvious of what the meal is going to be (taco shells and beef means tacos)... Stand in line... And let the cute guy in front of you flirt away about dinner tonight. And don't forget to mention you make the BEST tacos!! LOL!

Ok, not all of that happened to me just now in S&S. I bought beef and shells. And a slice of chocolate cake. And sparkling cider and a SMALL box of chocolates for Brian for tomorrow.

Tomorrow is the 8 month anniversary.

So, I am in line behind a guy buying his own dinner stuff. And he gets carded for the beer he bought. And he jokes about how that's flattering. And I laughed. Cuz it's funny. Cuz he is OBVI over 21. Anyhow.

And he said "tacos for dinner?" Can't say no. So I said yes, told him how it is my go-to when I need something quick. He is having a rotisserie chicken. His go-to when the schedule gets crazy. And spinach. A man who loves spinach?! LOL

Anyways. He saw my single slice of cake - seriously, what other woman but a single slice of chocolate cake? A single woman. Maybe a woman whose husband doesn't like chocolate? No ring on this chick's finger though.

He just blatantly asked if I wanted to do something sometime.

And I blurted that I am married. Married. Not that I am in a serious relationship and how much I LOVE my boyfriend. Not that the sparkling cider and chocolates are for Brian. I just said I am married, but thanks.

And that was the end. My side dialogue makes it seem longer than it was. It wasn't very long. He flattered me. Always flatters me when I am flirted with. Feels so good!

I am ready to go home and eat some tacos. And get dinner ready for tomorrow... Cabbage Rolls. Stuffed cabbage. I have massage at 530, but told Brian I will be home around 7/730 if he wants to have dinner. They only take 20 mins to bake, so I want to have them ready for tomorrow night. Nice and easy! :D



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