Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Closing Times.....

And so the week comes to a close. Goodbyes to be said, Tears to be shed. Wishes to be made and dreams to be dreamt.

I am tired. So much more stress and anxiety than I am used to. But, well worth it all in the end.

Tonight, a stay over in NYC. Tomorrow, home again and real life. Work. Brian. Bills. Cleaning house laundry.

I had more fun with Kathe than I thought I would. She really is a great young woman. And I am very happy to have spent the week with Onkel Martin too!

My back is a little sore and my heart feels heavy and tired.

After the kinesiology yesterday with Holly, I thought I'd be feeling much more emotional and heavy-hearted than I do now.

It is 10:30ish as I write this to you.

We are getting ready for bed.

Was a long day. A long week. I will have to write more tomorrow on the train ride home.

We saw the Statue of Liberty today! And the ferry went past Ellis Island. We didn't visit Ellis Island, but that's OK. :D

And then we saw the World Trade Center Memorial. I called my Dad while I was there to say hallo. I miss him when I am away from home!

And then we made our way back to the hotel to relax and get ourselves ready for some dinner.

We had dinner at an Irish Pub. I had corned beef and cabbage. Martin had skirt steak with fries. Kathe had a Caesar salad. Lol.

My fingernails are dirty. I washed my hands. I cleaned underneath my nails and they still feel dirty. Oh well, I guess.

Tomorrow, home. And a sleepover date with Brian. I got him a little something while at Statue of Liberty. I am hoping I have enough time to go to "our bakery" by Rockefeller Center and get him a cookie or something! I may not. I may cheat and get something at Grand Central! Hahaha..

I would very much like to bring him something though.

We are all very tired over here. Long day. Long week! I hope Dave is t mad that I took three days off this week.

Oh well. Goodnight.


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