Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentines Day 2-13

The last couple weeks have been pretty crazy busy.
Friday couldn’t have come any sooner! Was back at work, doing the normal stuff. And I got to have a normal weekend with Brian. =]

Saturday was a little bit more difficult to get through than usual.

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I was full of anxiety and turmoil. I think Valentine’s Day is a ridiculous holiday. It forces men into thinking they ‘have to’ buy us flowers, take us out to dinner and buy us something special.

I hate it! And then we (women) often wonder how genuine is this? I have never had a great Valentine’s Day. The last couple years, I’ve dated guys who straight up told me they hate “having” to send me flowers. They hate “having” to buy me something. Just annoying!

And of course, Brian did it too… He doesn’t even really seem like he wants to do anything?
Maybe I’m being a crazy hormonal lady over here. LOL (PMS, anyone?)

Saturday, we went into Newport (really, Middletown) to have lunch around 230/3ish. It was ok. I said to myself that I can handle being in Newport and Middletown. I wasn’t really sure I could handle going through Portsmouth. But, he drove us through Portsmouth. UGH! WTF?! I thought maybe he was doing this on purpose to drive me mad! I wasn’t sure!

We stopped for gas at the Cumberland Farm right across from DeCastro Produce. UGH.
Of course we did. Happy they are closed until Spring. I didn’t have to see the cars and trucks. I didn’t have to worry I would literally run into him. Thankfully.

We went to The Green Grocer, kind of like a Whole Foods. I got some new Lavender Coconut lotion and some Lavender massage oil. I used the massage oil in my hair on Sunday before I showered. It worked really well!!! YEAH!! No frizz, no dandruff!!!

And then we kept going. And going. And we were on 24 on our way home. Driving past Tiverton. I finally just told him it was a little bit torturous. I told him that I co-adopted a dog who lives in Tiverton. He goes “wait, did you live in Portsmouth” And I told him, well, Tiverton, on the weekends. But his family lives in Portsmouth. And I told him that his family is the DeCastros. And that we got gas right next to the store. And I told him that the guy really crushed my heart. I told him that he became a completely different person than who I met.

And then the topic changed, as it should have.

Before I knew it, we were at the Warwick mall, at Macys. And I didn’t want to go inside. In fact, I asked if I could wait in the car. And I meant it. Fully.

I hated driving through Portsmouth. I hated having that crap pushed at me. I try really hard to forget it all. I try really hard not to miss Mowgli Bear. I think about him all the time… I wonder if he would recognize me if we did run into each other? Would he know me? Would he want to snuggle me? Would he love me still? I miss my baby bear with so much in my heart, it hurts some times. I don’t miss Steve. I miss his family. His parents were wonderful. And I really loved his sister.

So, I went inside with Brian. He told me we were there for me, to try on some dresses.
I first started at the Women’s section. I tried on a 4. Was too big (duh)…

Went to the Juniors and tried on a few. Brian found a really pretty silver/blue color that was AWESOME! It made my boobs look amazing and even my tiny butt! LOL!!!
It was a 3/4. And then I realized it had a zillion snags on it, like it was hung up next to something with sparklies and it got caught…. =[

So I didn’t buy it.

He kept telling me wanted to buy me a dress. Or a food processor. I didn’t let him buy me either. I chose “neither”

I felt a little bummed about our drive, and just wanted to go home.

Yesterday was a lot better. I got to visit with my dad and stepmom. I really missed him!!!! =]

And then we ate at a new Mexican place in Waterford that uses grass fed beef (etc) YUMMMM

And we saw Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. Very sad. Very. Very. Sad. But so good. SOOO GOOD. I definitely cried. I probably should have brought tissues. Oh well. ;)

Ok, Valentine’s Date with Katie tonight. =]


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